So what has Lisa been up to?
Lisa has been working her butt off making books. One in particular about Water Bears, which she will post here when she is done with it. Also, she is working to try and get her website online, finally, because she is tired of paying for hosting and not having anything yet to host.
Oh, and business cards. Those too.
So here is a sketch she did in Photoshop today during Digital Drawing class. Because Troy told her to make he own brushes. Surreptitiously, she was actually working on her resume. But Troy doesn't need to know that.

No more third person, I promise. that was silly.


triumphal re-turn

I am back! And I am, after several years of not posting, reclaiming my blog.
It is to be an art blog.
It will contain my art.
I think that's all we need to know. And I will try to update it, if not frequently, at least weekly.
I am a trendy blogger of mine own art! yarr!

I am marking my return with this little guy, who is a character sketch for a comic I'm working on.
My roommate described him as "A Chocobo that has been drawn by Bosch."

I shouldn't have to mention this, but all images and writing on this blog belong to me.
Don't steal them. That's illegal, stupid, and would make me sad.
And angry. And self-righteously indignant.