I seem to have a pattern. I work feverishly on something for a long period of time. Then I take 'a short break from it' because of other obligations. Then months go by.

I'm back to updating here, now. My newest thing to say is that one of my pieces ('Writing the Harvest', a large graphite drawing that hasn't been on here because it is several years old) is being published in GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) Magazine (which is a pretty awesome literary/art mag all by itself, and should be checked out anyhow). This is the same piece that was nominated for a Chesley award about a year ago.
I'm thinking I need to work large-scale in graphite more often.

Obviously, this is very exciting to me. It's not much money, but publication and subsequent exposure is a very, very good thing for any artist, regardless of the paycheck. It will be in the Spring 2009 edition (volume 4). Good stuff.

In the meantime, I'll try to be updating this more often. The contract I was working on came to an end, and I've been looking for the next job. And moving, from Virginia to Annapolis, Maryland. All a little bit hectic. I still need to update with my BFA work, and intend to do so very soon. It's already uploaded, which should make this easier.

You'll hear more from me soon.

p.s. Some months ago I received a very sweet email from someone who follows me on Deviantart and apparently reads this blog. Before I had the chance to respond to it (I tend to sit on things and think about them for a little bit before getting back to them) it was lost to the depths of my Gmail account. I have not been able to find it, despite all my searching.
To the sender, sir, I did not think the email crazy or off-putting. I simply seem to have an undeveloped understanding of Gmail's 'archive' function, for unlabeled mail. I would be happy to hear from you again, so that I might actually respond to you.