Nothing to show

I'm having one of those days where nothing goes quite right.  I can't mix the colours I want, the shading goes all wrong, the line ends up elsewhere than where I want it.  The grey catbirds come out looking a little more on the green side.  It's not  artist block, it's more of an artist stumble. 
My time tomorrow has been booked by parents and parents-in-law, so I know I'll get little to nothing done--which only adds to my sense of frustration.  This was supposed to be a day for making!
Normally, if I'm having trouble in one sphere of creativity, I move to another until the stumble resolves itself.  Today there seems to have been little recourse but to write and avail myself of Write Habit's list of literary magazines in the attempt to find someone who might want to publish my work (hopefully with a little bit of pay to be exchanged, as well).
So at least that was something.

There can't be anything much more boring than reading about someone who cannot create.  More interesting posts are in the offing, I promise.

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Ilham said...

Reading about someone who has the same issue as you, IS interesting. Haha. I hate being inspired, but not being able to put it into a creation!

Anyways, cool blog, and I like your bird!