A few impending things...

These next few months are going to be pretty exciting for me. The next issue of Steampunk Magazine is coming out soon (with two of my illustrations in it)!
And I've managed to nab the job of illustrating the cover of Crossed Genres' July edition, themed 'Lies'. I am so excited about this. Cover art is something I've been wanting to do, and Crossed Genres happens to be a truly excellent publication that I really respect, both for its past art and literary content, and also for its imaginative method of running.

My biannual graphic design contract is edging closer, which will mean a lot less dealing with grump customers and a lot more feeling like I'm actually in my depth.

'Basking in Lamplight'
3" x 5" Watercolour and graphite, sketch
February 2010

And on top of all of that: kitten.

A friend of Evan and I had mentioned some time ago that his cat might be pregnant, and it turned out he was correct. We'd been planning on heading to the shelter to browse about for a cat or kitten that suited us, but with the immediacy of a friend who needed to get some kittens into some good homes, and with the added bonus of having at least one of its parents be a known quantity, we decided to go for one of the little fellows instead.
We finally met them last night, and they are adorable.
We're still trying to decide on which one we want to bring home (they're not ready to leave for another week yet), but we have it narrowed down.

As a parting warning: prepare for photographs and drawings of kitten. I don't think I'll be able to help myself.

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