I should've known this would happen

Another long blogging drought, precipitated in part by this little trouble-maker:
Yup, that's Cinnamonopteryx, that kitten I was talking about in the last post. He's been taking up a lot of time and attention, in part due to the "Awww, I want to play with him!" factor, and also in part due to the "I've never owned a pet mammal before and I had no idea how much more work they are than snakes and birds". He's adorable, he's tenacious, he's friendly and cuddly and purrs like mad when you get close to him. He's also struck up a friendly rivalry with our roommate's cat This causes him to tear about the house at odd times in the morning, poop in our roommate's litter box, and tackle our roommate's cat with vigor.
This last is more hilarious than annoying, really, considering that Shadow weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 pounds, and Cinnamon was last weighed at 7 1/2.

Cinnamon's origin story involves our friend's tiny calico cat Saga, a postponed spaying, and an ill-advised excursion outside. His father's identity is a mystery, though the fact that both he and one of his sisters are points (and none of his mother's siblings were) makes it pretty likely that mystery dad was a siamese.
We're getting him neutered next week, ensuring that he doesn't follow in his father's footsteps in any other fashion. And, hopefully, calming his and Shadow's rivalry a tad.
Cat fights? As loud as you'd expect, even when friendly.

He was all white but with orange ears, an orange nose, and a stripey orange tail when we brought him home. He's since developed a tabby-like orange mask, faint orange stripes on his legs and flanks, and a faintly tawny cast about the shoulders and flanks.
Cinnamon also has an immensely long tail. Is this a normal kitten-thing, at six months old, or does this have to do with his oriental-type heritage? Anyone know?

So this post appears to have drifted entirely to cat. There's been a ton of art-news too, I swear! Also, important life-news...
But since I like to keep things neat, I'll keep this feline-related and save the more important things for another, very proximate post.

Now, for the sake of absolutely gratuitous cuteness, I sign off with a photo of Evan's pet hedgehog: September.

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