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On to the exciting things that have been happening in art-life!

The beginning of May, Evan and I had a joint opening at SOVA on H street, in DC. We called it "Third knock on the door". The theme was folklore and storytelling.
A close and talented friend of ours had had her own show there earlier this year, and we met the owner through her. It's a great place to show. The owner is a great guy, the venue gets a lot of traffic, and is overall a varied and interesting looking space.
Artists reading this: SOVA's always looking for new blood. Try contacting them, get some art up! It was an amazing opening, one I hope to replicate in the future.

The show's still up, and probably will be for a few weeks yet.

'Firebird with cherries'
8"x10" Watercolour and sepia ink
May 2010

I mentioned that I would be illustrating the July cover of Crossed Genres magazine, "Lies". Well, I did! And it is out! Though, also, Evan and I collaborated on the cover for the prior issue as well, "Gadgets and Artifacts". 
He's working on the cover for the September issue, "Bildungsroman". Absolutely go check it out. Gorgeous, varied, and fascinating magazine. Highly recommend it.

'I'd like a word with you. In private.'
11"x17" Watercolour and blue india ink
June 2010

That all seemed like a lot more when I was doing it. At the time, I was also working on my graphic design contract (that one with the long commute) so it was all I could do to get a little painting done in the evenings when I got home from work.
Things were so chaotic for a while, there, that I ended up having to turn down some commissions that I dearly wanted to take. At the moment I'm at loose ends (though waiting, eagerly, to hear some very important news) and working mostly on personal projects, like mailers.

And ripple cards. If you haven't heard... little ACEOs, whose proceeds go to benefit wildlife rehab in the gulf. Do you own a pencil? A pen? Artist or not, consider making one. Or buying, at least.

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