Illustrator ahoy

Via Drawn!, I've stumbled across the amazing, Gorey-esque artworks of Julie Collins Rousseau. Beautiful pen and ink drawings, with subtle and effective colour, and deliciously bizarre creatures.
Another SCAD graduate, as well. When I was applying for schools, I remember hearing that SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design, for the uninitiated) was a very poor program. My art teacher, Mrs. Monroe, practically shot steam out of her ears when I mentioned that I was considering it. Anymore, though, it seems that I've been coming across some pretty impressive talents among its graduates. I know its sequential art program is its prime (if only) draw... is it possible that all of the bad press I'd been hearing was prejudice on the part of 'fine artists' asked to review a school mostly concerned with illustration? Has the program just suddenly made a drastic improvement in the last five years? Or have the artists I've been looking at just been such great talents that even a crummy school could not corrupt their work?
I'd love to hear an account from one of them.

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[n]Evan said...

Perhaps it's simply the shiny ones left over after the 95% who aren't ok leave. I mean, if you judge a school on its best, there will always be SOME.