no gnomes

Yes, I know, the Argentinian gnome is a hoax.
But just because it's not real doesn't mean I don't have to believe in it, so there :P

Yay gnomes!

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Emily said...

"Beware of Luggage Dwarves!"

Ok, not exactly gnomes, but this one's actually true! I heard it on (of course) "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!"


WWDTM: http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=35&prgDate=02-02-2008&view=storyview

P.S. I tried to find more information about the public release that The Little People of America association gave regarding this serious issue, but got sidetracked by the hilarious existence of their page about Adoption:

"Our Mission as the LPA Adoption Committee is to provide information to adoption agencies and interested families about adoption of short statured children. This committee is devoted to helping children with dwarfism find loving homes, but is NOT an adoption agency. This committee is informative only, and does not have an adoption license.... If you are already on the path of adoption, congratulations! Adoption is a wonderful, rewarding, and unbelievable experience with a whole lot of details thrown in."