I am a terrible blogger.

No wonder nobody reads this.
I'm trying to get back on track, but my BFA coming that might take a while. In the meantime, here is a piece I did for my expanded print final last semester. The idea was an 8 x 11 image that could be printed out on any standard desktop printer. The challenge was to make it somehow user friendly, interactive, to give people a reason to print it out. So mine is stationary, though as anartist I have trouble surrendering complete control to my audience. Therefore I have already begun the letter for you. Y'know, to help you along.
Troy (the teacher) was going to make a multi-page pdf out of the class' finals, and send it to everyone he knows. I believe he did. So this is totally, 100% open-source. It's only a 72 dpi image here, but if you want a full resolution copy of your own for printing, leave a comment. We'll talk it out.

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