Of enameled thickets and chimaeric hybrids

A little bit of mine own art on mine own art blog, eh?
Five of these are of a series of enamels I completed for midterm. 'Completed' being used loosely, here, because I feel like at least three of them need a tad more work. Hint: the green ones are overfired (how I like it) and the red ones are way underfired (they also need sanding.) I believe they will enlarge if you click on them.
Also, a sketch of a night jar chimeric plant hybrid. Because right now I'm all about the combination of animals+minerals+plants+machines. Reading too much damn Michael Maier, that's what it is. Yes.
Maybe just reading too much in general.
To come: some several-year-old ballpoint pen watercolours that I never scanned for some reason, and a four-plate drypoint print on the aforementioned chimeric obsession.

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