This is the world I want to live in

A gnome is terrorizing a small Argentinian town. A tiny person, with a pointy hat, who is seen shuffling sideways along the street at night, scaring the bajeezies out of children.
A group of Argentinian youths managed to get a little videophone footage of it. Holy crap.
Yes, it is the sort of thing that would send me running if I saw it on a dark street at night. Just watching this video, imagining it out there, is frightening. So why am I so happy that is exists?
Obviously, there are no known little people inhabiting the town, so this is either a nocturnal vagrant midget hobo, or something even more bizarre.
Reported on BoingBoing.

And from Ectoplasmosis, I just had to post this here. Including the work of Richard Kirk and Raf Veulemans. It's a gallery exhibition called "Labyrinth...And we shall all die trying" taking place in Berlin right now.
This show is so achingly beautiful that it almost makes me question continuing to make art. Never had that happen before, but seeing that something so close to what I want to make exists already in the world.... amazingly beautiful. Go look.

The pictured image is "Searching for the Breadcrumb Navigator" by Richard Kirk.

I'm going to post some of my own artwork later tonight. This is just too inspiring for words.


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[n]Evan said...

Oh my god, a gnome!