For anyone who's interested, I'm slowly building a small presence over on Etsy.
There are only two items in the shop at the moment, both digital prints, both actually impossible for me to make/ship at the moment, considering that Cleveland is currently under several feet of snow.
But check it out anyway. Future plans are big, as I hope to work on jump-starting myself by drawing little hour, or half-hour vignettes every day and posting them up there for cheap (like, $15-20 dollars for a handmade piece cheap.) So keep an eye out for that.
Also working more on getting the banner up on this site, as well as that one.
You'll know when I finally drag my butt through the motions of making one.


Photos of my roommate's car half buried under a snowdrift. Blizzards during spring break = hilarity!

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[n]Evan said...

You are always so serious in your blogginess, my one! Don't sound tired!