Fungal Homind: The Mushroom People

There are two forms of fungus-like hominid known to the Institute. Members of the first species are called simply the Mushroom People. They are small, ranging from two to seven inches in height. As a mechanism for self-preservation, their large white heads sport a false, mask-like face. Though the mass of the head appears to be high in the face, behind the stylized eyes, the true eyes and brain are concentrated down in the end of the ‘chin’. Not very much is known about the Mushroom people. They live in small colonies among the roots of immense trees. They are mute, and have no fingers or hands in any form. Thus, though they appear to posses an advanced intelligence for their size, they are entirely incapable of communication. Broad arm gestures are used among them to indicate general meanings, but otherwise they seem quite devoid of language.
The Institute has mounted several expeditions in order to attempt capture of one or more of the Mushroom People, but efforts have so far been fruitless. When a Mushroom Person feels intimidated, it sinks down into the Earth seeking safety. To capture a single Mushroom Person is useless, for without the accompaniment of its entire colony, the Mushroom Person will soon melt into a foul-smelling black sludge. Thus, details of constitution, diet and reproduction are still far beyond our grasp.

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