The Walkers

The Walkers are an apparitional migration that occurs on dark nights in remote areas. They stand over one hundred feet tall, towering on their long and spindly legs. Hundreds will be seen crossing dark fields in the distance, few humans having ever had the opportunity to see them at close range. They move in such tightly packed masses that it is difficult to even place how many legs each possesses. To see a herd of them at night is supposed to signify the coming of an important, yet unexpected, change.
Until recently, no attempt had been made to apply scientific method to studying the Walkers. Law protected them in many states, classifying them as endangered wildlife. Lately, however, the Institute has managed to persuade the Texas state government to allow a small team to approach the herds, if found. Though little has yet been discovered about the Walkers, we do now know that they are tangible entities, and not hallucinatory or spirit phenomena. They move so quickly and in such an erratic manner that it has proved impossible thus far to track them. More information will be presented as it is confirmed.

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