Golems: 'Unliving'

Similar to the living golems only in that they are constructed, the unliving golems are not, in fact, alive. They are put together from primarily inanimate parts, with maybe one or two biological parts (generally human) loosely attached. Their purpose is along the lines of servant or automaton. They are created for a particular task and then sent about completing it. Some part of their make-up is usually symbolic of or conducive to the individual golem’s task (a golem made entirely of twigs and flint might be ordered to set a fire every night, a golem made with bricks might be told to build a house). Once it has completed what it was created to do, any part of the unliving golem that remains will fall apart.
Sadly, creators of unliving golems are often not the most scrupulous of people. Unliving golems have been made with the charges of killing, harming and destroying far too many times. As an unliving golem will continue about its appointed duty until it has accomplished it, with no better way of destroying it that of the living golems, this is quite a problem. The Institute has a room in the basement filled with lead crates containing such negatively charged unliving golems. As one would imagine, it is quite a crime to create such a thing, and sadly, many of the unliving golems continue to attempt their grim goals well after the one who set them is gone.

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