The Watchers

The Watchers are almost a complete enigma. They have the appearance of billowing, ghostlike blue humanoids with gaping dark holes for eyes. They stand upon hilltops at night, often in groups of several dozen or more. Their primary activity is, as their name implies, watching. The entire group will stand staring fixedly at a single point for hours, until just one of their number suddenly notices something more interesting, at which point every one of them will turn their gazes simultaneously to match.
There are accounts of certain hilltops, once the sun has dipped beneath the horizon, sprouting crops of Watchers just as other hills might sprout crops of mushrooms. No one seems to be able to agree on their significance (whether good or ill) or even their origin. Many insist that they are the spirits of dead, other say of trees, others say they are simply natural occurrences like the stars. There is a hill overlooking the Institute’s main building that has had a consistent crop of Watchers ever since the very night that ground was broken. Our official conjecture is that there is no coincidence to this fact, that the Watchers only occur in places where there is something to watch. Official investigations will continue until anything more useful is revealed.

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