Fungal Hominid: The Ambulatory Fungus

The Ambulatory Fungus shares characteristics with both mushroom and jellyfish. Which of the two it bears actual relation to is still a mystery, as one has yet to be detained. Even the habitat is unknown, and it has been suggested that the Ambulatory Fungus should be classified as more of a Crypto zoological curiosity than an actual catalogued species, despite the existence of legitimate documentation.
The Ambulatory Fungus has most frequently been spotted strolling along city sidewalks. It is always walking forward with some purpose, leaning into its swift gait. Though it walks at a reasonable pace, and even obeys all traffic laws by pausing in the appropriate places, witnesses are usually too stunned by its appearance to approach it. Because if its mysterious nature, rumors and legends have grown up around it. Some cannot help but imagine it a hoax, perhaps a costumed prank. Others surmise that the Ambulatory Fungus makes its home in the city, camouflaging itself as mold when at rest. To see it is supposed to signal good luck to those who have had long streaks of bad.

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